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The thought and consideration we put into our product goes well beyond design. Lighter. Stronger. Smar ter. Banding Exterior Stucco Mouldings EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) & Accessories All decorative horizontal bands on a building are designed to accentuate the different parts of the structure. A horizontal band at the lower level floor or base is known as a watertable detail to accent the base of the facade. Banding is usually any horizontal trim located at the floor levels above the main floor. These members generally have the same purpose to create horizontal details across a building facade. Acrocore mouldings are manufactured to 8' lengths. New New Designed to work with any surface: Brick, Stucco, Cement, Wood, Vinyl Aluminum Siding and *Stone. Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. * 20% upcharge for stone applications due to 2" added depth of mouldings. HDB-4016 8-3/4" 4-1/4" $51.75 HDB-4017 8-1/2" 3-1/2" $53.40 SAMPLES AVAILABLE, PLEASE INQUIRE Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. B-4006 12-7/8" 3-5/8" $52.04 B-4010 12" 2-7/8" $53.49 Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. TB-4013 10" 3" $39.57 Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. EB-4015 10" 3" $46.39 Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. B-4011 9" 2-1/2" $43.76 Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. B-4008 8-3/4" 3-1/8" $43.29 Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. B-4005 8-1/2" 4-1/4" $45.70 Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. B-4004 8-3/8" 3-1/4" $43.24 Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. AB-4014 8" 3" $43.97 Acro-Coat Adhesive AC-BKT-10...10 lb. bucket...$21.00 AC-BAG-50...50 lb. bag...$43.25 Dry Mix Click Here We can custom produce any shape or profile. See page X-23 for details. Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. Part # A-Height B-Depth Per Pc. B-4012 6" 4-3/8" $43.08 B-4009 4-3/4" 3-3/8" $38.37 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. acrocore, acrocore eps cement faced mouldings, acrocore eps cement faced moldings, eps exterior mouldings, eps exterior moldings, exterior mouldings, exterior moldings, exterior trim, exterior molding and trim, exterior trim moulding, exterior moulding & trim, exterior stucco trim, exterior stucco moulding, exterior stucco moldings, foam exterior molding, foam exterior moulding, eps foam profiles, flexible cement mouldings, flexible cement moldings, exterior banding, exterior horizontal banding, exterior watertables detail, exterior water table detail Phone:1-800-835-4400 ยท Fax:1-800-835-4403 X-6
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