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Restoration Door Hardware The Victorian Collection Classic Rose Backplate Part # 2.63" DIA. Style Price Per Set The Meadows Collection Classic Rose Backplate Part # Style Price Per Set 2.63" DIA. NH-CLAVIC-*-PR Privacy $145.83 NH-CLAVIC-*-PA Passage $145.83 *Add Appropriate Finish Code NH-CLAMEA-*-PR Privacy $145.83 NH-CLAMEA-*-PA Passage $145.83 *Add Appropriate Finish Code 7.25" 7.75" 7.75" 7.25" 2.43" 2.62" 2.62" 2.43" Victorian Knob Polished Brass Part # Style Price Per Set Crystal Knob Polished Brass Part # Style Price Per Set Meadows Knob Polished Brass Part # Style Price Per Set Homestead Knob Antique Pewter Part # Style Price Per Set NH-VICVIC-*-PR Privacy $145.83 NH-VICVIC-*-PA Passage $145.83 *Add Appropriate Finish Code NH-VICCRY-*-PR Privacy $145.83 NH-VICCRY-*-PA Passage $145.83 *Add Appropriate Finish Code NH-MEAMEA-*-PR Privacy $145.83 NH-MEAHOM-*-PR Privacy $145.83 NH-MEAMEA-*-PA Passage $145.83 NH-MEAHOM-*-PA Passage $145.83 *Add Appropriate Finish Code *Add Appropriate Finish Code The Egg & Dart Collection Egg & Dart Knob Part # Style Price Per Set NH-EADEAD-*-PR Privacy $145.83 NH-EADEAD-*-PA Passage $145.83 *Add Appropriate Finish Code 8.31" 8.31" 2.63" DIA. Waldorf Knob Part # Style Price Per Set Classic Rose Backplate Part # Style Price Per Set NH-EADWAL-*-PR Privacy $145.83 NH-EADWAL-*-PA Passage $145.83 *Add Appropriate Finish Code 2.37" Polished Brass 2.37" Antique Brass NH-CLAEAD-*-PR Privacy $145.83 NH-CLAEAD-*-PA Passage $145.83 *Add Appropriate Finish Code Egg & Dart Single Cylinder Deadbolts Meadow Single Cylinder Deadbolts Victorian Single Cylinder Deadbolts * FINISHES AVAILABLE Part # Finish Price Each POLISHED BRASS *(PB) ANTIQUE PEWTER *(AP) OIL RUBBED BRONZE *(OB) ANTIQUE BRASS *(AB) OIL RUBBED BRONZE *(OB) ANTIQUE BRASS *(AB) · Mortise Lock sets = MO · Single Dummy = SD · Double Dummy = DD are also available. Approx 2 weeks for delivery. Please call to discuss your requirements. NH-EADSCD-AB Antique Brass NH-EADSCD-PB Polished Brass NH-EADSCD-AP Antique Pewter NH-EADSCD-OB Old Rubbed Bronze NH-MEASCD-AB Antique Brass NH-MEASCD-PB Polished Brass NH-MEASCD-AP Antique Pewter NH-MEASCD-OB Old Rubbed Bronze NH-VICSCD-AB Antique Brass NH-VICSCD-PB Polished Brass NH-VICSCD-AP Antique Pewter NH-VICSCD-OB Old Rubbed Bronze $108.33 $108.33 $108.33 $108.33 $108.33 $108.33 $108.33 $108.33 $108.33 $108.33 $108.33 $108.33 U-19 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS BY OUTWATER L.L.C. · www.outwater.com CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS Nostalgic Warehouse, Egg & Dart/ Meadows Collection, Egg & Dart Backplate, Waldorf Knob, Meadows Backplate, Meadows Knob, Classic Rose Backplate, Knob, Back Plate, Passage, Privacy, Single Dummy, Double Dummy , Polished Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Pewter, Antique Brass, Single Cylinder Deadbolt
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