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The Resin Artisan Collection All sizes are approximate A Capitals 49 more styles available. Click Here to see our full line RE S IN ART I N SA THE OL LECTIO B C D 6-130AA-CAP - $29.95 ea. Height: 4-3/4" Top: 3-3/4" W x 1-1/4" D Bottom: 2-1/2" W x 1" D 6-141A-CAP - $59.95 ea. 4-1/4" W x 7-3/4" H x 2-3/4" D Collar: 3-1/2" W x 1-1/4" D 6-134A-CAP - $169.95 ea. 6-1/4" W x 10-3/4 H x 3-3/4" D Collar: 3-1/4" W x 2-3/4" D RE S IN ART I N SA E G Columns THE F 89 more styles available. Click Here to see our full line OL LECTIO H I L J 18-111A-7-COLM - $139.95 ea. 3-1/4" W x 7' H x 1" D 18-112A-7-COLM - $139.95 ea. 3-1/4" W x 7' H x 1" D 18-106A-TC-54-COLM $199.95 ea. 54" Tapered column RE S IN ART I N SA K A. 51-156C-MLD B. 51-213D-MLD C. 6-144A-CAP D. 6-134A-CAP E. 18-106A-TC-74-COLM F. 54-421BL-S-OL G. 18-130B-5-COLM H. 3-106A-BASE I. 3-116A-BASE J. 3-117A-BASE K. 3-200B-BASE L. 21-311C-CB A $10.00 packing fee will apply to all orders under $500.00. Orders of $501.00-$1000 will incur a $20.00 packing fee. Please inquire with a sales representative for packing fees over $1000.00. BASES THE 175 more styles available. Click Here to see our full line OL LECTIO 3-116A-BASE - $129.95 ea. Height: 15-1/4" Top: 3-1/4" dia. Bottom: 4-1/4" dia. Click Here 3-119B-BASE - $89.95 ea. Width: 4-1/2" Height: 16" Thickness: 2" 3-117RA-XT-BASE - $174.95 ea. Top: 5" W x 3-1/2" D Bottom: 8-1/4" W x 5" D Height: 13-1/4" CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS L-32 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. The Resin Artisan Collection, Resin Capitals, Resin Capitols, Resin Columns, Resin Bases ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS BY OUTWATER L.L.C. ยท www.outwater.com N N N C C C
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