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Steel Countertop Support Brackets Available In: 1008 Cold Rolled Steel / Raw (treated for customer's own painting or finishing) or 304 Stainless Steel Thickness: 1/4" (Except Where Noted) Flange Width: 2"- 3" Hole Size: Fits standard 1/4" screws/bolts Elevated Support Brackets SOUTH DAKOTA New Finishes Available: 304 Stainless Steel (Brushed #4) ­ SS 1008 Cold Rolled Steel (Raw) ­ CRS Powder Coated Black ­ BK Powder Coated Bronze ­ BRZ The South Dakota floating countertop support is designed to support a floating countertop above another counter or solid surface. The back plate facilitates connection to the wall or base cabinet so the gusset can extend above your countertop to support glass or granite counters and other solid surfaces. The South Dakota floating counter support should not be used on counters deeper than 18". CSB1120-SD-SS Part # Finish Size Price Each 5+ Price SS 11.5" x 20" $307.95 $277.16 ARIZONA These brackets are designed for the elevated application and enhance the finest of kitchens. The Arizona support's smooth contours and serpentine profile gives this support a character all of its own. Price Each 5+ Price CSB12-AZ-CRS CSB12-AZ-SS Part # Finish Size CRS SS 12" x 20" $177.43 $319.46 $159.69 $287.51 MONTANA An elevated countertop support bracket, the Montana Design, mounted to a cabinet or wall, is shaped to support a heavy stone or glass bar up to 12" wide. The stainless steel version matches the look and feel any other stainless steel features in your room, such as appliances or railing. Part # Finish Size Price Each 5+ Price CSB11-MT-SS SS 11" x 11" CSB11-MT-BLK BLK 11" x 11" CSB11-MT-BRZ BRZ 11" x 11" See page K-3 for bronze finish $146.90 $139.14 $139.14 $132.21 $125.23 $125.23 * Please specify if using elevated brackets to support a glass counter top.* Click Here The brackets have a load rating of over 1000 pounds per pair, as properly installed. See full resource & installation guide online. Phone:1-800-835-4400 · Fax:1-800-835-4403 K-6 Steel Countertop Mounted Support Brackets, Steel Counter Top Mounted Support Brackets, Steel Mounted Support Brackets, Steel Countertop Support Brackets, Steel Counter Top Support Brackets, Steel Support Brackets
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