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Quik Tray Roll Out System The "Simple Solution" for Maximizing Storage Space & Convenience · Material: ABS Plastic & Maple · Can be used with face frame or frameless cabinets · Installs easily with a screw driver & adjusts without tools Hook Dowels are Included In All Kits Unique hook dowels allows you to work with most full extension European & undermount drawer slides. Hooks get connect to drawer slides. Includes 4 Supports, 4 Hook Dowels (Full Extension/European), Mounting Screws & Installation Instructions White (*WH) $20.00 Cream (*CR) $20.00 Maple (*MP) $83.00 White (*WH) $21.00 1-1/4" W / B QT14-* 20.157" Cream (*CR) $21.00 .325" Standoff Maple (*MP) $98.00 White (*WH) $30.00 2" Without C QT20-* 20.157" Cream (*CR) $30.00 Standoff Maple (*MP) $110.00 Black & Metallic Silver Available- Please Inquire 1" W / .250" Standoff 20.157" Part # Thickness Length Color Price Per Set Sets Per Carton Standard Supports (All Inclusive Kits) A QT10-* 20 20 5 20 20 5 20 20 5 $18.00 set $18.00 set $75.00 set $18.75 set $18.75 set $88.00 set $27.50 set $27.50 set $99.00 set Carton Price 1.03" (26mm) A 1.28" (33mm) B 2" (51mm) C E Includes 4 Supports, 4 Hook Dowels (Full Extension/European), Mounting Screws & Installation Instructions Part # Thickness Length Short Support Sets (All Inclusive Kits) Color Price Per Set 20.157" (512mm) Carton Price D QT14S-* 1-1/4" W / .325" Standoff 1.28" White (*WH) Cream (*CR) $8.35 $8.35 Sets Per Carton 25 25 $7.50 set $7.50 set Includes 2 Supports, Mounting Screws & Installation Instructions Part # Dimensions Center Partition Support (All Inclusive Kits) White (*WH) Cream (*CR) White (*WH) Cream (*CR) Color E F QTP-* QTS-* 2-1/4" W x 20"L 2-1/4" W x 4"L $25.75 $25.75 $12.60 $12.60 Price Per Set Sets Per Carton 12 12 12 12 $23.00 set $23.00 set $11.30 set $11.30 set Carton Price 1.28" (33mm) D F Click Here Quik Tray Mounting Hardware Hook dowel for undermount drawer slides QTHK-U Part # Description Price Per Set Sets Per Carton Carton Price 11.5MM Tray Bumper Beige: 2 Bumpers & 2 Screws Per Set: See Page G-15 18MM Tray Bumper Beige- 2: See Page G-15 Set of 8 & Screws $6.95 50 $6.00 set No Need To Change Existing Cabinets Face Frame with Low Profile Hinge Frameless Cabinet with Concealed Hinge 2" Support with Long Arm Hinge & Face Frame Cabinet Short Supports for Low Profile Cabinets H-52 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · www.outwater.com Quik Tray supports can be mounted to center partition supports instead of wood stile CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS Quick Tray Roll Out System, Quik Tray Roll Out System, Drawer Slides, Drawer Runners, Tray System, Roll Out, Drawers, Pantry, Roll Out Shelves, Roll Out Trays, Slide Out Shelves, Slide Out Trays, Pull Out Trays, Center Partition Support, Kitchen Cabinet Hardware, Pantry Hardware
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