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Lift Systems Blum AVENTOS Lift Systems AVENTOS HF Power Factor= cabinet height (inch) x the combined weight of both doors (lb.) including the handle New Part # Required Description Lift Mechanism Set Includes left & right mechanism, & installation screws Description Power Factor 231-470 471-880 780-1440 Cabinet Height 18-7/8"-22" Price $76.76 set $83.82 set $90.06 set Price $41.67 set $47.63 set $54.50 set $40.90 set 20F2200.N5 20F2500.N5 20F2800.N5 Part # LIFT MECHANISM SET TELESCOPIC Required ARM SET Choose 1 Option Depending On Application 20F3200.01 20F3500.01 20F3800.01 20F3900.01 Telescopic Arm Set Includes left & right arm 22"-27" 27-35" 35"-42" Part # Required Description Cover Set Includes left & right mechanism cover plate, & 2 non-handed cover caps Price $18.54 set · Bi-Fold / Lift-Up · Used for two-part door applications · Hardware set includes a "release" feature for finger safety · 120° opening angle Maximum Inside Cabinet Width: Minimum Inside Cabinet Width: Maximum Inside Cabinet Height: Minimum Inside Cabinet Height: Minimum Inside Cabinet Depth: Click Here For Technical Information COVER SET Required 20F8000.NA 70-1/2" 13-1/2" 40-1/2" 17-3/8" 11" 78Z5530TA8 MOUNTING HARDWARE SET Required Choose 1 Option Depending On Application SERVO-DRIVE AVAILABLE See page H-21a 78Z5550TA6 Mounting Hardware Set for Wood or Wide Aluminum Frame Doors Includes 2 x 120° free swing hinges, 2 x 33° free swing hinges, 2 x CLIP top bottom door hinges, $30.15 set 2 x mounting plates, 4 x face frame adapters, 2 x arm mounting plates. Screws sold separately #606N-100, see page H-17a Mounting Hardware Set for Narrow Aluminum Frame Doors Includes 2 x 120° free swing top door hinges, 2 x bottom door hinges, $48.48 set 2 x top door mounting plates, 2 x bottom door mounting plates, 4 x arm mounting plates, 8 x aluminum mounting screws (not shown). 104° angle restriction clip $2.16 ea. Optional RESTRICTION CLIP 104° 83° 20F7051 20F7011 83° angle restriction clip $2.16 ea. Click Here H-20 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. blum lift systems, blum hardware, blum aventos lift systems, blum aventos hf lift systems OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · www.outwater.com CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS
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