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Sign / Banner Holders THE "SNAP-EASE" ALUMINUM BANNER HANGING SYSTEM CLEAR ANODIZED ALUMINUM 24", 36", 48" & 96" LENGTHS close-up NOTE: ALL LENGTHS ARE NOMINAL ADDS STYLE & VALUE · Clear anodized aluminum finish with 2 black plastic end caps for a "finished" look. · The spring clips inside the rail will "snap" close to securely hold your banner in place. · Ideal for paper, fabric and vinyl banners up to .08" thick. · Recommend to be used at the bottom of your banner for added stability. · Includes removable hanging clips. The banner hanging system can be attached to the wall or hung from the ceiling using our ceiling hooks shown on page C-79. Profile /" Banner Non-Slip Foam Pad SNAP-ALU- 1" Top & Bottom Rail Sets with 2 Hanging Clips and 4 End Caps Part # Length Price Single Lengths with 2 Hanging Clips and 2 End Caps Part # Length Price Customize Your Own Length with Our Single Length 8' Rail Part # Length Price SNAP-SET-24 SNAP-SET-36 SNAP-SET-48 24" 36" 48" $8.50 set $10.50 set $12.50 set SNAP-ALU-24 SNAP-ALU-36 SNAP-ALU-48 24" 36" 48" $5.25 ea. $6.55 ea. $8.25 ea. SNAP-ALU-96 96" $15.84 ea. Comes with 2 hanging clips, 2 end caps and 6 spring clips Components To Complete Your Customization Hanging Clips End Caps Spring Clips 4" Joiner Bar Material: Aluminum New Finish: Mill .020 .137 .250 .028 R: 014 SNAP-HC $0.25 ea. SNAP-EC $0.50 pr. SNAP-SC $0.21 ea. HGR-JOIN Each: $0.79 100 pcs. $0.65 ea. Use to join rails Snap Ease Sign Kits · Vertical or Horizontal mounting · All inclusive kits: 2 length banner holders 2 hanging clips 4 end caps 2 spring clips Part # Length Price SNAP-KIT-8 SNAP-KIT-11 8-1/2" 11" $8.50 ea. $9.75 ea. C-30 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · www.outwater.com CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS Snap-Ease Aluminum Banner Hanging System, Snap Ease Aluminum Banner Hanging System, Snapease Aluminum Banner Hanging System, Snap-Ease Aluminum Sign Hanging System, Snap Ease Aluminum Sign Hanging System, Snapease Aluminum Sign Hanging System, Snap-Ease Banner Hanging System, Snap Ease Banner Hanging System, Snapease Banner Hanging System, Snap-Ease Sign Hanging System, Snap Ease Sign Hanging System, Snapease Sign Hanging System, Joiner
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