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Colorful Wall Cap It Off Series for indoor & outdoor use MATERIAL = Polypropylene · Sold in sets of 4. Each Kit includes 4 caps, 4 bases, 4 #6 x 1" screws & 4 anchors · All caps are made from polypropylene · All metallic finishes are vacuum plated · Polypropylene caps are UV stabilized for outdoor use (does not apply to metallics) Anchors N N BRIGHT CHROME BRIGHT BRASS BRIGHT COPPER WHITE BEIGE FOREST GREEN N LIGHT PINK N .700" SATIN COPPER SATIN CHROME N BLACK N BROWN N LIGHT GRAY ORANGE N GREEN N .260" 5/22" Panel Hole Diameter SIGN WALL N RED CAP SCREW BASE ANCHOR BLUE YELLOW TURQUOISE PURPLE DARK BLUE N = NEW COLOR Caps Bases Screws STDC-24-BK STDC-24-WH STDC-24-BR STDC-24-BE STDC-24-LG Part # Diameter 11/16" 11/16" 11/16" 11/16" 11/16" Satin Chrome Bright White STDC-24-BL 11/16" Blue STDC-24-RD 11/16" Red STDC-24-CH 11/16" Chrome Brown STDC-24-OR 11/16" Orange STDC-24-TQ 11/16" Turquoise STDC-24-BRS 11/16" Bright Brass Beige STDC-24-PL 11/16" Purple STDC-24-YW 11/16" Yellow STDC-24-SCOP 11/16" Satin Copper Forest Bright Light Gray STDC-24-DB 11/16" Dark Blue STDC-24-FG 11/16" STDC-24-COP 11/16" Green Copper Color Pricing Metallic Pricing Per Finish $3.16/Set...25 Sets $2.53/Set Per Finish $4.21/Set...25 Sets $3.37/Set Many other colors available -1000 pc. minimum. Please Inquire. Finish Black STDC-24-GR Part # Diameter 11/16" Green Finish STDC-24-LP Part # Diameter 11/16" Light Pink Finish STDC-24-SC Part # Diameter 11/16" Finish Eco Lite Wall Mount MATERIAL = 202 Stainless Steel FINISH = Brushed Stainless (BSS) for indoor & outdoor use Eco Wall Mount Signage Caps for indoor & outdoor use MATERIAL = 201 Stainless Steel FINISHES = Brushed Stainless (BSS) Polished Stainless (PSS) 1" Cap: 3/16" Eco Solid Stainless Wall Mount New for indoor & outdoor use MATERIAL = 202 Stainless Steel FINISH = Brushed Stainless (BSS) Cap: 3/16" 11/64" Panel Hole Diameter Cap: 3/16" 9/32" Panel Hole Diameter CAP & SCREW SET UNDER CAP VIEW Thread: M6 x 1" Long 15/64" Panel Hole Diameter Thread: M4 x 1" Long Thread: M4 x 1" Long Part # Diameter Price Part # Diameter Price STD-32AMC-BSS STD-40AMC-BSS STD-48AMC-BSS 1" 1-1/4" 1-1/2" $2.10/set of 4 $2.52/set of 4 $2.94/set of 4 Finish: STDE-32CAP-BSS STDE-32CAP-PSS 1" 1" $0.85 ea. $0.85 ea. Finish: Finishes: Please visit page C-26 for our wall anchor selections Brushed Stainless (BSS) Brushed Stainless (BSS) (PSS) Polished Stainless Brushed Stainless (BSS) CAP & SCREW SET UNDER CAP VIEW Part # Diameter Price STD-C2P20-BSS STD-C2P24-BSS STD-C2P32-BSS 5/8" 3/4" 1" $4.76/set of 4 $5.20/set of 4 $5.72/set of 4 C-20 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · www.outwater.com CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS cap it off, cap it offs, colorful wall caps, screw cover caps, multi color caps, eco lite wallmount caps, wall mount caps, wall mounted caps, eco wall mount signage caps, eco wall mount signage caps, eco stainless wall mount caps, wall mounted caps, sign caps
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